💧CLEO LGE - Liquidity Generation Event

The CLEO token will have a Fair launch, via a custom smart contract. This functions similarly to other launchpads as there is no front-running or time element to the process. The amount of tokens dedicated to the LGE stay constant, and users can provide collateral to earn a share of the CLEO allocated.

Benefits of the FairAuction model include, but are not limited to:

  • Front-running & MEV protection: Since timing of when you choose to provide collateral is not important, there is no benefit for MEV bots or front-running within the auction.

  • Decentralized Price Discovery: The CLEO LGE auction will allow users, not the protocol, to provide the end-result of the price discovery range in regards to the initial liquidity seeded. This nurtures an environment for a more natural and decentralized LGE.

  • Fair Participation: The auction for the LGE is truly fair due to the simple mechanics involved. No matter how much you put in, or at what time you provide collateral, you will always get the appropriate share in relation to others.

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