How is xCLEO obtained?

Users can acquire xCLEO through vote bribes and emission splits in specific low-impact liquidity pairs. The Cleopatra team intends to utilize xCLEO as a means to advance sustainable vote-bribe matching programs. Each gauge will have the opportunity to earn a proportionate split of CLEO/xCLEO based on the liquidity pair's impact on the health of the DEX. Core pairs, which contribute significantly to the ecosystem's growth and the DEX's longevity, will receive the majority or entirety of emissions in liquid CLEO. Conversely, extremely low volume and low fee-generating pairs will receive a higher percentage share of emissions in xCLEO. This approach promotes sustainability and discourages purely short-term capital that does not align with the goals of the ecosystem.

The initial Ratios per gauge:

  • Default Ratio: 50% CLEO / 50% xCLEO

These ratios are adjustable by the team/governance depending on the efficacy and necessary precedents set forth.

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