V1 Gauge Boosts

TLDR -- The larger your veCLEO position, proportional to your LP staked and other veCLEO holders in that pool, the higher your boost is, up to a max of 2.5x.

A quick way to gauge your boost would be to view it as such: For every % of liquidity in the pool, you need the equivalent % of all veCLEO attached to the pool in order to maintain your full 2.5x boost. So if you own 50% of the liquidity in the pool. Your veCLEO needs to be greater than or equal to 50% of the total amount of all user veCLEO combined.

LP pools on Cleopatra have a base of 1.0x boost up to a max of 2.5x, based on certain factors such as your NFT (veCLEO) size, and the amount of LP staked in proportion to the total pool. This means that the effective range of APRs is (1->2.5x), or more accurately (0.4x->1x).

Staking under a large veCLEO NFT allows you to comfortably earn un-diluted yield from the Cleopatra pools, whereas you would be earning the low end of APRs otherwise.

Boost Formula (ultra-simplified) is as such:

Boostย =derivedBalanceOfรทbalanceOfBoost\ = derivedBalanceOf\div balanceOf

A more detailed and comprehensive form of the boost formula can be seen below:

EarningWeightย =min((userโˆ—0.4)+(lpย totalโˆ—userlockedย รทtotalย locked)ย โˆ—0.6,user)EarningWeight \ = min((user*0.4)+(lp \ total * user locked \ \div total \ locked)\ * 0.6,user)
Boost=EarningWeightรทย userBoost = EarningWeight \div \ user

Where: - user = LP amount the user has deposited - lp total = Total LP staked - user locked = user's locked CLEO (veCLEO) - total locked = total locked CLEO (veCLEO)

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