🔢Fee Tiers

There are 4 default fee tiers when creating a Concentrated Liquidity position on Cleo:

  • 0.01% - The lowest fee tier available (1 bps), this provides the best rate for highly correlated and pegged assets: e.g. (USDC,USDT)

  • 0.05% - The second lowest fee tier, this is good for competitive asset classes, such as USDC/WETH, which generate a lot of volume.

  • 0.3% - This fee tier is the standard for pairs that do not fall in the other categories.

  • 1.0% - Currently the highest fee tier available, 100bps provides sufficient fee generation to offset the risk of providing liquidity for highly volatile assets.

New fee tiers may be added in the future based on market conditions, and would be creatable through the V2 Pool Factory

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