🎋Swap Fee Structure

Swap Fees of The RAMSES System

Cleopatra has a competitive fee structure based on the current market environment, while also maintaining attractive fee revenue for veCLEO holders. Default fees:

  • Volatile Pair (vrAMM) - 0.25% swap fee

  • Correlated Pair (crAMM) - 0.01% swap fee

The protocol native pairs (vAMM - CLEO/wETH) will be set at a 1% swap fee initially, to provide further incentive for users who wish to vote aligned to the protocol's native liquidity.

Fees are adjustable by the Cleopatra multisig if need be, to ensure the competitiveness and attractiveness for veCLEO holders. The average ranges* of each will be around: - Volatile (0.2-2%) - Correlated (0.01%-0.03%) - Native (0.5%-2%)

*In the event of extreme market volatility, the CleopatraReserve can hike the fees past the ranges, within reason. The theoretical MIN and MAX for the pair fees is (1<= Fee <= 500bps). This means the minimum fee is 0.01%, and the highest is 5.00%.

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