🏆CL Gauges

The Concentrated Liquidity staking/rewarder solution novel to Cleopatra

Cleopatra introduces a significant enhancement to the CL rewarding model, primarily through the innovative CL Gauge contract infrastructure. This crucial component seamlessly integrates into the ve(3,3) model, and we have chosen to secure it under a BUSL-1.1 license.

Features of Cleopatra CL Gauges

  • Non-custodial staking solution

    • Cleopatra employs a unique method of staking and rewarding LP providers through a delegation mechanism. This approach allows users to retain their NonFungiblePositions in their wallets while still earning Fees, CLEO, and other LP Bribes through emissions.

  • Competitive Rewarding Logic

    • The CL Gauges determine rewards based on several factors:

      • Tick Delta (Δ) [Upper - Lower] of the user's position

      • Position size

      • Position Utilization: In Range? [True or False]

    • An example formula is such:

    userLiquidity/tickDelta=rewardMultiplieruserLiquidity / tickDelta = rewardMultiplier

    • This rewarding methodology offers several benefits. It encourages tighter liquidity ranges, resulting in higher emissions for participants. By concentrating liquidity within these utilized ranges, overall slippage decreases, and volume/fees increase due to more favorable swap routing.

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